Volunteer Opportunities!

We feel incredibly lucky at Lyra Music to be part of such a generous community of musicians, audiences and supporters.  
As a non-profit, we are often asked about the kinds of help that we might need to sustain Lyra Music now and continue growing into the future. Some ways to help are listed below, but there are many different opportunities available. Please don't hesitate to let us know about any area of interest or expertise that you might like to bring to Lyra Music, contact Rachel at rodo@lyramusic.org to help.

Lyra Music Volunteer Opportunities:

            • Host an intimate Chamber Music benefit cocktail, afternoon tea or dinner event in your home or at a venue of your choosing                   • Introduce Lyra to your corporate responsibility/charitable giving committee
            • Help us spread the word about Lyra Music and Join us at our Benefits


Web Design and Updating


Social Media Management

AND... Many Thanks to all of the amazing volunteers already working with Lyra Music,
we couldn't do it without you!

Grant Research/Writing: Jane Keat

Photography: Erika Kapin, Wendy Lam, Julie Hill

Audio/Video: Jesse Stacken, Doug Slawin

Videography Intern Advisor: Gretchen Skogerson

Art Direction and Design: Tomaso Milian, Jesse Stacken and Gali Freedman

Lyra Treasurer, Administrative Assistance with Database Development and Record Keeping: Kit Voit

Corporate Introductions: Marjan Voit

Fundraising and Lyra Introductions:  Paula Scully, Lisa Landau, Mary Prescott, Alice and David Shearer, Mary Franks, Ellen and Takeshi Yoshiuchi

Event Volunteers: Walter Aparicio, Paula Biedma Fierro, Daniel Frankhuizen, Daniel Jenkins, Akiko Kamigawara, Ellyses Kuan, Eve Kummer-Landau, Siu Hei Lee, Enid and Franklin Odo, Julie Reimann, Eric Schoenberg-Rene, Jacob Savransky, Kit Voit, Daniel Yoo

Lyra Music Student Volunteer: Yena Li


Lyra Music Wish List:

4 iPads
A professional video camera and microphone to document Lyra Music’s outstanding concerts with Guest Artists, Faculty and Students


Join our generous supporters by donating to Lyra Music now!

Lyra Music, Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit organization. All donations made to Lyra Music are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.